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Karoun Dairy Products
Karoun Dairies Dairy Products

Original Braided String Cheese
Karoun Dairies Original Braided String Cheese

Karoun Cheese    KAROUN


Lebanon Flag

Cheeses Labne Yogurts Plant
Karoun Cheeses
Yogurts Facility

Ara & Ohannes Baghdassarian
Ara & Ohannes

Karoun Cheeses Yogurts Company

of Lebanon established in 1931

Home KAROUN Cheeses Yogurts Labne

Karoun Dairies Home Mediterranean Dairy Products

Ready to cooperate with strategic partners, on a sound business plan, in the mission of providing healthy and natural traditional Mediterranean specialty cheeses and cultured dairy food and refreshments for all.

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Live Active Cultures


North America:

New Brunswick - Canada


*Licensees of the original
Beirut - Lebanon
Not affiliated with
incorporated without our consent

E-mail: info@karoundairies.com

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Home Karoun Cheeses Eighty Years
Home Karoun Cheeses
more than Eighty Years

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Karoun Dairies Heritage Faithful Karoun Dairies Company Heritage

Karoun Dairies Home Karoun Cheeses
Karoun Dairies Home Karoun Cheeses

KAROUN DAIRIES Home Karoun cheeses all natural yogurts labne

The original Karoun Dairies cheeses yogurts labne company

A pioneer in the Middle Eastern dairy industry, inventor of yogurt drink production process, manufacturer of all natural, authentic, artisan, traditional Mediterranean specialty KAROUN brand, yogurt cheese, labne and various cultured dairy products, Karoun Dairies is now an international presence.

The famous authentic Karoun Dairies of Lebanon, owner of the KAROUN trademark registered in many jurisdictions worldwide including Australia, Canada and Europe, supplies through its licensees all natural, authentic, artisan, traditional Mediterranean specialty
cheese varieties.

Home Karoun cheeses Karoun Dairies group's traditional Mediterranean cheeses include original braided string cheese with black caraway seed, Canadian Karoun Dairies Inc braided string cheese, USA produced
KARLACTI® smoked braided string cheese, marinated string cheese, and a wide variety Mediterranean cheeses and traditional Middle Eastern specialty cheeses.

Since more than eighty years Karoun Dairies home Karoun cheeses traditional braided string cheeses, natural hickory smoke braided string cheese, braided string cheese marinated quality stamp bearing cheeses have provided consumer satisfaction.

Authentic Karoun cheeses and cultured dairy products, Karoun Dairies specialty traditional Mediterranean cheese and artisan yogurts labne do not contain any additive.

Ara Baghdassarian, Chairman, President and Owner of Karoun Dairies continues the path drawn by his father, Ohannes Baghdassarian, and preserves the historical heritage of the Baghdassarian family, through innovation, commitment, excellence and excitement.

The original Karoun Dairies group of companies, now an international presence, supply authentic Mediterranean cheese and artisan yogurts labne which retain all the traditional qualities required from all natural specialty artisan traditional cheese and dairy products, for your health.

All Karoun Dairies family websites and dairy products, whatever the brand, sponsored and controlled by the authentic original KAROUN DAIRIES of Lebanon, are always stamped with Karoun Cheese quality sign since 1931.

KAROUN DAIRIES SAL does not sponsor ARZ, GOPI, Queso Del Valle, Central Valley Creamery and YANNI branded dairy products.

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