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Karoun Dairy Products

Karoun's Manufacturing Facility Handmade Cheeses and Natural Yogurts Manufacturing Facility

Ara & Ohannes Baghdassarian
Ara & Ohannes Baghdassarian

Live Active Cultures

Karoun Brand Cheeses
Karoun Brand Cheeses

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Karoun Dairies Cheeses Cultured Dairy Products

Naturally Fresh Specialty Products Karoun

Hmmm!!! Karoun Cheese Dairy Products taste like Heaven!

Wide Variety Mediterranean Cultured Products

All Natural Karoun Brand Mediterranean Specialty Dairy Products Since 1931

Karoun dairy products made strictly applying KAROUN DAIRIES ICEE motto:

  • Innovation

  • Commitment

  • Excellence

  • Excitement

Karoun Dairies Specialty Dairy Foods

Handmade Natural Cheeses and Yogurts

Karoun dairy products Karoun brand Mediterranean foods Middle Eastern all natural, authentic cultured dairy foods yogurt, laban, labne, yogurt drink and flavored yogurt contain live active cultures beneficial to your health.

KAROUN brand products Karoun Mediterranean specialty foods traditional Karoun dairy products are offered in full fat, low fat or no fat-no salt varieties in colorful containers.

KAROUN brand products Karoun Middle Eastern specialty dairy foods, Karoun dairy products are free of thickeners, stabilizers and fillers or added proteins.

Handmade Cheeses and Natural Yogurts

Karoun dairy all natural, original Karoun brand products Karoun Mediterranean specialty handmade cheeses Ackawi, Nabulsi, string cheeses and various Armenian and Lebanese cheeses and natural yogurts and dairy products are prepared in the traditional Middle Eastern artisan way transmitted to Karoun through generations from first quality milk according to rigorous standards.

KAROUN DAIRIES objective has always been to make available to every individual fresh dairy foods of premium quality by applying hygienic practices.


KAROUN DAIRIES SAL does not sponsor KAROUN, ARZ, GOPI LASSI, YANNI, Queso Del Valle, Central Valley Creamery and other products originating from KAROUN DAIRIES Inc. of California which is not affiliated to the original KAROUN DAIRIES Company.


Real Certified

Middle Eastern Foods Mideastern Foods

Mediterranean Cheese Mediterranean Cheeses

Armenian Cheese Armenian Cheese

Mediterranean Specialty Foods Mediterranean Specialty Foods

All Karoun family products and websites, whatever the brand, sponsored and controlled by the authentic original Karoun Dairies SAL are always stamped with Karoun Cheese quality sign since 1931.
KAROUN brand cheese is not available for sale or to be re-exported to the USA under KAROUN brand. Real® certified KAROUN DAIRIES cheese and dairy products are offered under KARLACTI® brand.


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