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We tailor our solutions to meet and exceed your expectations
and draw your road map to growth.

    Our Expertise:                            YOUR SUCCESS

Mergers and Acquisitions

*      Due Diligence

Strategic planning & Implementation

*      Strategic Review

*      Business Plans

*      Strategic Management

Human Resource Management and Communication

*      Employee Competency / Performance Analysis

*      Team Building / Leading and Motivating

*      Change Implementation / Management

*      Organizational Development

*      Training

Performance Improvement & Cost Reduction

*      Profitability Improvement

*      Performance Management

*      Process Evaluation/ Auditing

*      Policy and Procedure Development

*      Project Development

*      Cost-Benefit Analysis

*      Design/ Implement Cost Control Program

*      Pricing for profit

*      Contract Management / Negotiation


*      Financial Needs Analysis

*      Budgeting

*      Internal Audit Function Studies

*      Internal Audit

*      Accounting

*      Feasibility Appraisal

*      Financial Feasibility Studies

*      Hedging / Foreign Exchange

*      Cash Flow Management

*      Inventory Control


*      Competitive Analysis

*      Marketing Strategy

*      Marketing

*      Advertising

*      Promotion

*      Packaging

*      Branding

*      Pricing

*      Web Development


Production Management

*      Efficient Layouts

*      Quality Standards & Inspection

FMCG  sector

We have 40 years of experience in Processing, Packaging, Marketing and Distribution of Foods and Beverages.

SME Management

Small and Middle Enterprises need professional advisors or mentors.
They think they canít afford it, when in reality they canít afford to do without it.  
Owners of SMEs are usually so overwhelmed with their daily chores that, despite their personal strengths, professional experience and hard work, are not able to see the general picture.

Strategic Business Review - Your Corporate Diagnosis Free!
The 4AB Consulting Business Review will take up about one hour of your time and in return for that time you will receive a report highlighting any areas of concern. Our consultants will detail what actions can and should be taken. It is up to you whether or not you pursue these opportunities through 4AB Consulting. All communications between us are confidential, free of charge and include the supply of the actual report at no cost to you.

Our Methodology

Assessing complex situations and anticipating future problems within the general business context, we define the main problem, break it down into its most critical parts and come up with workable hypotheses.

We collect the required information within or outside your organization by developing multiple sources and techniques, making sure to get stakeholders agree on the assumptions.

We analyze the data to develop models, communicating across the organization, and come up with alternative possible solutions which are further refined by reviewing them with your team members.

Thus final recommendations, including effective ways of implementation, are developed. Findings, alternative solutions and recommendations are edited in a professional and concise style and presented to you.

Through viewing your business objectively you can identify the true weak points of the operation.

We suggest effective solutions to increase profitability and deliver sustained shareholder value growth and then monitor to insure success.